Communication and Media Studies Rules

In Defense of the Comm Major

“Why not spend more time on the computer contemplating the intricacies of my course of study?  It’s not like I have a social life to attend to.”

This is (kind of) what I thought in the process of creating this blog.  I’ve been down this road before, albeit unsuccessfully.  I hope this will be a turn around for me and my exploration into the wonderful world of Communications and Media Studies.

My name is Veronica (cue collective “Hi, Veronica”) and I hope you enjoy yourself on this side of the Internet.

So, Who Do I Think I Am?

  • I am 23 years young, and an undergraduate student of Communications at Fordham University in the Bronx.
  • I live with a graduate student of Communications, and we spend many an evening engaged in debates over McLuhan or Postman or whether Honey Boo Boo is an art work. (If only I were joking.)
  • I’ve done the blogging thing before with a nightlife-oriented start-up in Manhattan.  It was fun, and I like fun, but I’m narrowing my focus these days.
  • I did not become a Communications Major to drink my way through college (that’s what Art History is for).

Before I make this all about me (as I am wont to do) I compel you to ask yourself: What – if any – part of your life is not mediated?

Do you find that your day begins with a get-pumped theme song as your alarm?  Do you watch or listen to or read the news in the early hours of the day?  Do you read textbooks for class or journals and blogs in your professional line of work?  Do you eat lunch in a place with a television?  Do they play music at your local grocer?  Do you send texts and make calls?  Do you e-mail?  Do you use social networking or blog?  Do you read, go to films, or watch favorite television shows in your downtime?

Starting to see my point?

These guys know what I'm talking about.

These guys know what I’m talking about.

I was traveling the interwebs today and found a particularly lovely and simplified version of an argument I have heard over and over again regarding my choice of major:

ObsidianZ writes here:
“I still have no idea what ‘communications’ is supposed to be.
So yeah, I think it’s a bullshit degree.”

I’m not going to make any sweeping generalizations about the other people engaged in my course of study.  I cannot speak for all of us.  Let me, instead, tell you what I have found the butt-of-so-many-jokes “Comm Major” to include and why I do not find it, as *ObZ so eloquently phrases it, “bullshit:”

I became a Communications Major because I wanted a course of study that included provocative, critical analysis about myself and my society, psychology, sociology and philosophy, peppered with popular culture history and contemporary industry training.

I wanted to read and write and learn more about the theories regarding the technology and institutions around which my life revolves.  (What does this mean for me as an American?  A student?  A woman?)

All that, and I wanted a lucrative, fulfilling career at the end of this arduous process commonly known as “higher education.”  Maybe I will go into research and development, academia, television or radio, journalism, music marketing, photography, or public relations.  Maybe I will be able to attain that of which I have dreamed since I learned every letter’s shape – a writing career.

My point is, all this and more is possible with the degree I seek.  If you’re a Communications and Media Studies major like me, welcome friend! If you’re a non-believer, I implore you to read on and keep your mind open. (Or at least, stop calling me a drinking major.)

Until next time,

Twenty-three year old NYC resident, undergraduate at Fordham University, journalist-in-training at WFUV, freelance writer, amateur philosopher, occasional photographer, music-enthusiast, Abe Lincoln fangirl.


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