“Bros” Before Other Webshows

See what I did there?

Hello, strangers! I have come out of hiding to tell you about this awesome youtube video that you have to watch yesterday:

(I heard about this almost-web series from some staff at school, because Creator/Director Anthony DiMieri went to Fordham – Go Rams! – and we take care of our own.)

This little vid is done surprisingly well, with professional production quality and great comedic timing that you might not expect from a bunch of bros. My favorite part, though, has to be post-transformation (bro + hipster = broster) when they all get out at the Bedford stop on the L. LCD Soundsystem’s “North American Scum” plays through a slow-mo of close-ups on jorts, STOP KONY tees, suspenders and Buddy Holly glasses. I died.

Although it’s meant to be a “Girls” parody (the first scene should be familiar to Dunham’s loyal fanbase), it’s also a parody of a few social stereotypes.  The “Bros” demonstrate blatant homophobia and misogyny, while their hip alter-egos talk about basement gin distilleries and warehouse parties. It’s the kind of funny you find when nobody is safe from sarcastic mockery and some playful generalizing. Kudos.